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Adult Education

Welcome to the Adult Education Program at Northwest Louisiana Technical College!

Thank you for your interest in our adult education program at Northwest Louisiana Technical College. We have programs in Caddo Parish, Claiborne Parish, DeSoto Parish, and Webster Parish.  We also provide training where locations are not obstacles.  Our Learn 2 U (distance education) offers guided instruction in a variety of subjects through your computer, tablet or cell phone. We are not your mom-and-pop’s “adult ed” anymore!

In 2010, the Louisiana Legislature made the commitment to further adult education by moving adult education program from the Louisiana Department of Education to the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS). This was the first step in acknowledging the needs of adult learners. LCTCS took on this challenge and re-branded adult education in Louisiana as WorkReady U (WRU).

Northwest Louisiana Technical College soon followed LCTCS’s direction and became the WRU provider for the parishes of Desoto, Webster, Claiborne and Bienville.

Here is what Northwest’s WRU can do for you:

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Foundational Skills
If you want to assist your child in their homework or obtain your high school equivalency, we can help you obtain those goals in our adult education program.

There are a few criteria for entrance into this program:

  • One must be 16 years of age or older to enter.
  • Students who are 16 and 17 years old must be released from their local school board prior to enrollment by completing this form.
  • Students between the ages of 16 and 18 must complete the pre-HiSet test at one of our sites in order to take the HiSet test.
  • Make a commitment to themselves

College & Career Readiness
Our College & Career Readiness program is designed for those students who may have been out of school a while and need their knowledge updated to enter the workforce or college. It is also geared toward students who may need assistance in becoming successful before entering college.

Community Education
Northwest Louisiana Technical College is concerned about the every-day skills that one must know to conduct their daily affairs. Examples of what we do in our community education program is financial literacy, digital literacy, health literacy and workplace ethics. However, this is not all we do. We can customize a community education course to fit your organization’s/community’s needs. Just reach out and we can develop a successful program together.

Career Pathways
We understand the needs of adult learners and made a commitment to provide you with entrance into one of our career pathways. Our 5-for-6 Scholarship is available to WRU students who have a desire to enter into one of our many career pathways and earn a certification.

Did you know that a WRU student can receive Pell funds to enter into a program? The first step is to fill out a FAFSA at After all the criteria are met, our instructors and financial aid staff can assist.

Customized Training for Employers
Don’t think we left employers out. The WRU program works closely with Northwest Louisiana Technical College’s Workforce Office to provide you with Work-Ready employees. One example of how the WRU program can help employers is designing “soft skills” training for your employees. But, that’s not all we can do. Just reach out to us and let us work together to make your employees productive.

Customization for Students
If you feel as if you don’t fall into any one of these categories, please reach out to your local WRU site and tell them your needs. Our knowledgeable instructors can advise you in helping you meet your educational and/or career goals.

I encourage you to click on each site and get to know your local contact. We are passionate about adult education in Northwest Louisiana and would be glad to speak to any organization about adult education. Remember, we are not your mom-and-pop’s adult education program: WE ARE WORK READY U!

For other sites closer to you, visit the LCTCS WRU site and search for a WRU program close to you.